REPOST FROM @thelongrunback_rachel

12 miles in 1:59:19 today.

Well I was so inspired by the #londonmarathon (just like ever year!) that I just had to share this. The first #halfmarathon I did was back in 2015, I don’t have any pictures from it, and finished in 1:58:27 – my most recent was earlier this year with a finishing time of 1:42:50.

It took 3 years of learning, heartbreaking, frustration, blisters, poorly tummies and long miles, but I knocked 16 minutes off my time. If anyone watching the marathon today has been inspired and wants to start running, but thinks they aren’t good enough, ignore the doubtful thoughts and just run! The reward you get from this sport is incredible, and you will learn so much about yourself on the way.

Well done runners from this years marathon! You’re all superstars for running, especially in this heat.

(photos from left to right: Richmond Half 2015, Watford Half 2016, Surrey Half 2018)

rachelRME copy.jpg

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