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Our silver package is perfect for runners looking for some extra input and coach communication. Take your training to the next level, with programmes scheduled through an online app to give ultimate flexibility. Also includes conditioning and core as an extra to the bronze package. 

  •  1:1 online coaching with two Olympic athletes.
  • Consultation to determine the correct training plan to fit you.
  • Bespoke, personalised training plan written just for you, delivered every two weeks.
  • Fortnightly updates to your programme, ensuring appropriate progression.
  • Set run paces, distance specific sessions, race planning and tapering.
  • Includes running drills, warm up, core stability, basic conditioning, and stretching.
  • Training scheduled fortnightly through an online app – available to download to your smartphone. Train whilst you’re on the go with continual feedback post sessions.
  • One phone or Skype call every two weeks with your coaches.
  • Weekly email contact, on your two chosen days, to answer all those niggling questions.
  • Dedicated WhatsApp number for any last minute changes for training or racing
  • Regular access into the minds of two Olympic athletes.
  • All for a fraction over £2.50, per day!!

£75 / a month 
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£396 / 6 months – 12% discount 
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£630 / 12 months – 30% discount 
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