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Everything is hard, before it is easy. 

Running Made Easy is a concept brought together by Olympic athletes, Michael Rimmer and Eilish McColgan to make your running life easier – with three fantastic online coaching packages; personalised for runners of all ages and abilities.

Why choose the rest, when you can have the best – and with Running Made Easy, that is exactly what you will get. With a combined 16 years of elite level running, we have gathered a mountain of knowledge throughout the years; waiting for you to tap into!

Many believe that coaching programmes are solely for the elite but this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Regardless of your age or ability, our programmes are engaging and inspiring – providing you with great motivation throughout your running journey. All of our programmes are bespoke to your running experience, injury history, lifestyle, personal targets, and cover an array of distances and terrain. From the parkrun newbie to the marathon junkie, and anything in between.

A lot of people start their running lives, pounding the streets with no real direction or structure – leading to injury, a lack of motivation or hitting a plateau; running the same times over and over again. We at Running Made Easy, believe that when given the right direction, knowledge and guidance, in time – Running can be made easy! It’s not just our name, it’s our philosophy!


First-time runners will particularly get a huge benefit from our programme – with set running paces, inspiring distance specific sessions, drills and warm ups for you to easily follow. Our Silver and Gold Packages also include strengthening and core workouts to ensure injuries are avoided and running speeds are maximised.

For the more experienced runner, lacking motivation from poor training, tired of injuries or simply looking for a new way to train – Running Made Easy can make your life easier, by doing all the hard work and planning for you. We look at maximising recovery, avoiding injury and creating a strong athlete as well as a fast one. A winning combination.

With our unique, Olympic tips, secrets, and touches added to your running programme along with the knowledge and approval of a UKA accredited level 4 endurance coach; it won’t be long until you’re chasing down those personal goals and crushing those personal best times!

Now, let’s lace up those trainers! 

Most people fail, not because of lack of desire, but, because of lack of commitment.

Vince Lombardi



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  • Private online coaching with an Olympic athlete.
  • Bespoke, personalised programme delivered on a monthly basis.
  • Consultation to determine the correct training plan to fit you.
  •  Programme sent directly to your email address. 
  • Distance specific run training (including warm ups) and stretching.
  • Weekly contact and feedback with your olympic coaches via email to answer all of your questions.
  • Monthly phone call  to see how you are getting on and to discuss the next progression. 

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£264 / 6months – 12% discount  
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£420 / 12months – 30% discount 
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Our silver package is perfect for runners looking for some extra input and coach communication. Take your training to the next level, with programmes scheduled through an online app to give ultimate flexibility. Also includes conditioning and core as an extra to the bronze package. 

  •  Private online coaching with Olympic athletes.
  • Consultation to determine the correct training plan to fit you.
  • Bespoke, personalised training plan written just for you, delivered every two weeks.
  • Fortnightly updates to your programme, ensuring appropriate progression.
  • Set run paces, distance specific sessions, race planning and tapering.
  • Includes running drills, warm up, core stability, basic conditioning, and stretching.
  • Training scheduled fortnightly through an online app – available to download to your smartphone. Train whilst you’re on the go with continual feedback post sessions.
  • One phone or Skype call every two weeks with your coaches.
  • Bi-weekly email contact, on your chosen days, to answer all those niggling questions.
  • Regular access into the minds of two Olympic athletes.
  • All for a fraction over £2.50, per day!!

£75 / a month 
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£396 / 6 months – 12% discount 
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£630 / 12 months – 30% discount 
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Our Packages


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For runners looking to make the bigger gains and reap the biggest rewards. Suitable for all abilities. Our unique Gold package covers all aspects of your running and training with not one, but TWO Olympic athletes to answer all of your running questions. A full running package for less than £3.60 a day!  A fraction of the cost of a personal trainer!

  •  Premium package.
  • Private online coaching with an Olympic athlete.
  • Consultation to determine the perfect training plan for you.
  •  Bespoke, personalised training plan written just for you, delivered on a weekly basis.
  • Set run paces. Dynamic distance-specific running sessions. Race planning and tapering.
  •  Weekly updates and real time progressions to your programme.
  •  Comprehensive programme with drills, stretching, warm up for every run and session. 
  • Training scheduled weekly through an online app – available to download to your smartphone. Train whilst you’re on the go. 
  • Basic/intermediate or advanced circuit training depending on your needs.
  • Gym work and injury prevention exercises including pictures and videos to demonstrate as an extra to our silver package.
  • Nutritional advice as an added extra.
  •  A weekly phone/skype call to check how things are going. 
  •  Unlimited email contact to keep you motivated and answer those niggling questions. 
  •  Regular access into the minds of two Olympians.

£100 / a month 
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£528 / 6 months – 12% discount 
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£840  / 12 months – 30% discount 
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