Running Made Easy also offers in-person, one-to-one running sessions. It’s a brilliant opportunity for runners to take their training to the next level under the watchful eyes of an Olympic athlete.

 During our in-person sessions, Running Made Easy will teach you the key elements to improve your running through correct warm ups, specific running drills and detailed endurance sessions.

Typically, sessions will last an hour to 90 minutes to make sure you get the most out of each training run and will be specifically tailored to suit your current fitness level.

Don’t count the days, make the days count.

– Muhammad Ali



  • Comprehensive Running Session – including warm up, stretching, drills and athlete insight.

One runner                £100

               Two runners              £140                

Three runners           £170

For larger groups of athletes, please contact us for details. 


We like to let you pick the terrain type for the session, however, if you want to leave it up to the professionals – we’re more than happy to give you some of our tried and tested favourites. 

  •  Track Session – Endurance or speed. 
  •  Grass Session – Fartlek or pyramid.
  • Hill Session.
  •  Road or Trail – Fartlek, pyramid or tempo.


  •  Manchester
  •  Locations across Scotland – Specific dates only.
  •  Locations across England – Please contact us for more information.